A.R.A.S. Dog Rescue photos – Successful Rehoming

Over the past few months Four Paws and a Tail Photos has been working with A.R.A.S Dog Rescue to take photographs of the dogs that are available for rehoming. So far we have photographed 15 dogs (including three last week), and we are delighted that some of them have been succesfully rehomed. They are:

Bruno – Rottweiler

Simba – Mastiff Ridgeback crossbreed

Tye – German Shepherd

Petra and Blue, two German Shepherds are likely in the process of being rehomed. They had their second visit from their prospective new owners last week.

There has also been significant interest in Bailey, a border collie crossbreed too.

This is brilliant news!

Alison, the manager at A.R.A.S Dog Rescue believes that Four Paws and a Tail Photos photographs have helped A.R.A.S. to better promote their dogs on social media. We are glad that our work has already helped three rescued dogs find their forever homes with the potential for another three to be rehomed soon. We wish these dogs and their new families every happiness.

We will continue working with A.R.A.S. to try and build on this success. Unfortunately, many more dogs need a loving new home. Here are the images of three wonderful dogs that we photographed last week. As you can see from the images, they are all lovely dogs, very friendly and love to play. They will make a fabulous addition to the right family.

If you have any interest in these three dogs, or any of the other A.R.A.S Dog Rescue dogs that we have Portfolio please contact A.R.A.S. directly at:

email – enquiries@arasrescue.com

phone – 01234 743797

Martin – Four Paws and a Tail Photos

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