How to Earn Some Extra Money Working From Home: SURVEYS

Want to earn some extra money without even leaving your home? No, this isn’t one of those too good to be true get-rich-quick schemes – there are plenty of honest, legitimate ways to earn money online.


Being a photographer, and primarily a pet photographer, being mobile is crucial for me to be able to work.


In June 2015 l suffered an extremely painful and quite debilitating back injury. I couldn’t walk more than 20 metres without being in agony (even with crutches), and I was reliant on other people to help me get around. The issue was eventually diagnosed as three bulging discs in my lower back that were pressing on the femoral nerve in my left leg – hence the excruciating pain and difficulty in moving. Taking on new work was impossible as I had no idea how long I would be in pain or what my treatment would be.


Fortunately, I had a backlog of photo-editing to do and was able to boost my stock photography portfolios. I will talk about stock photography in the third part of this series.


Everyone needs an income to pay the bills and the basics of life. As a small business owner with no sick pay while I was immobile I had to find new and additional ways to bring in some money – and from home.


Woman completing customer surveyI searched online for ideas that would enable me to work from home (besides ebay). Lots of people blogged about completing surveys for money. I looked into lots of sites, and signed up to a number of them. I have found you can earn at least £175 a month completing online surveys in the comfort of your own home. I often sit in front of the television and complete my surveys in the evening.


Now that my back has recovered I still use these sites because they really do offer easy money! Even if you have a full-time job, they can be a simple way of earning a bit of EXTRA CASH.


The sites I have signed up to and continue to use are listed below.


NOTE – If you are interested in signing up to any of these sites and earn some extra money could I ask that you:

  • Use my referral links as below for MintVine and ProlificAcademic;
  • Email me so I can send you a referral link for GlobalTestMarket, YouGov, OnePoll, Panelbase and ValuedOpinions at


If you sign-up this way I get a small referral fee. Once you complete your sign-up you will be able to refer your own friends and take advantage of these sign-up bonuses.


At the signup stage you will need to complete some demographic information about yourself. It is from this that specific surveys are sent to you. Some sites like MintVine reward you with points for completing your sign-up demographics. If you fail to complete this information you will not be sent any surveys.


Popular site, that pays via paypal, a wide range of vouchers or products. You earn points for each survey you complete. Note – you will need to earn 1087 points (equivalent to £30) for your first payout. I’m getting a payout about every 4 weeks. The surveys are dominated by companies seeking opinions on new products and/or pricing strategies on existing prodcuts/services.

Referral LinkPlease email me and I will send you a link


Anyone who follows the news in the UK will have seen an info-graphic at some point that mentions YouGov. You receive points for every survey completed. Minimum payout is 5000 points = £50.00 via cheque. A slower site for me as I’ve yet to come close to my first payout. YouGov offer a widespread range of surveys with some interesting questions about current affairs.

Referral LinkPlease email me and I will send you a link


Generally very easy to complete surveys – in some cases you need to click one answer to get your payment. The surveys can be very current – this week lots have been about David Bowie. OnePoll will send payments directly to your bank account. Minimum payout is £40.00 – my average is about £15 per month.

Referral LinkPlease email me and I will send you a link


MintVine offer lots and lots of surveys. They also have a daily poll where you click one button for 5 points. If you complete this 10 days in a row you get a bonus 25 points. Payout is 1000 points. You can request PayPal or amazon vouchers. NOTE – paypal payment is in US$. 1,000 points = $10 or £6.75 at current exchange rates. I’m clearing about 4,000 points per month.

My Referral LinkMintVine Referral


The surveys offered here are probably the most interesting of all survey sites. ProlificAcademic is solely for academic surveys. They are usually quite short but cover a wide range of subject matters, some of which make you really think before answering. Payout is from £5.00 but you pay a small PayPal fee – this is waived at £20.00. You can expect to earn about £25 per month here.

My Referral LinkProlificAcademic Referral


They overlap with GlobalTestMarket in that surveys are often for new products. You can get screened out of a lot of surveys here but they are decent earners. You are paid direct to your bank account or select a voucher from a number of different retailers. You can easily make £20.00 per month here.

Referral LinkPlease email me and I will send you a link


The best paying site – a 5 minute survey nets £1.00. The surveys you receive are generally in the 10 to 20 minute range. Payment is by cheque once you reach 50 points (1 point = £1). The surveys are quite interesting – but BEWARE because they will set trick questions in surveys to make sure you are paying attention to how you answer. The longer the survey the more trick questions there will be. The most I have experienced was 3 in a 20 minute survey. You will earn roughly £30 per month with PopulusLive.

Referral Link – No referrals

Website LinkPopulusLive


They are similar to PopulisLive but pay less per survey. Payout is at 5000 points (100 points = £1) via. My average is about £15 per month. Payment is via cheque.

Referral Link – No referrals

Website LinkNewVistaLive


They offer similar types of surveys to GlobalTestMarket and PanelBase and you can get screened out of surveys quite regularly. Payment is via vouchers. Expect to earn about £20 per month.

Referral LinkPlease email me and I will send you a link


Woman completing customer surveyThe list of survey sites above is only a small percentage of the number of companies that offer this type of work. A google search will lead you to many others. I cannot offer opinions on them as I have not used them and do not have the time to create any new accounts now that I am focusing on my photography work.


The sites above will generate an income for you – it is your responsibility to make sure this is declared properly.



COMING SOONHow to Earn Some Extra Money Working From Home: STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY

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