Four Paws and a Tail Photos

Four Paws and a Tail Photos focuses on our four-legged, tail-wagging friends doing what they are best at – being themselves. While our speciality is dog photography, we have enjoyed sessions with cats and horses, too.

Dogs are our favourite because they seem to have an innate ability to show their best side. They must be the supermodels of the animal kingdom! Show them a camera and it’s pose, profile, smile – “look at me, aren’t I gorgeous“. Cats can be a bit more difficult to photograph because they like to do things in their own way and in their own time, but they do like to show off their beauty eventually!

Why Choose Four Paws and a Tail Photos?

Whether you’d like us to photograph your dog, cat or horse (or other pet!), our images will capture their individual personality. We will spend a bit of time with you and your pet so we can strike up a rapport. Sessions outside are best, because of the natural light – but this is dependent on your individual requirements, not to mention the unpredictable British weather!

Outdoors or indoors, we will photograph your pet doing whatever they enjoy doing – dry or wet, clean or muddy. Even though I’m a biped with no tail I will happily get down on all fours to the dog or cat’s level to capture their poses.

Our Love of Animals

My partner and I love all animals. Growing up, we both had dogs, while my other half had cats, too. I particularly love dogs because of their loyalty, joie de vivre and the fact that they cannot fail to make you smile even when you’re not feeling your best. Cats have grown on me as pets – they each have their distinct personalities and foibles, and  can be so loving and affectionate.

Please have a look at the Portfolio to see results of our previous shoots. Why not have a session to record life-long memories of these special members of your family, or buy a session as a gift for an animal lover?


We were awarded the Woof Woof Network’s #woofwoofwednesday Top Dog award last night (16/09/2015) for our contributions to their one hour twitter get together. We are very proud to have been given this award. We were able to share Dylan’s fundraising story far and wide last night.

Here is the badge we received for being Top Dog for the week 16/09/2015-22/09/2015.

Woof Woof Network Winners Badge_F

Please check out the #woofwoofwednesday hour on Twitter every Wednesday night 8-9pm UK time.


Martin – Four Paws and a Tail Photos