The Photo Session

Does Four Paws and a Tail Photos photograph other animals?

Four Paws and a Tail Photos is focusing primarily on dogs at this time. However, requests to take photos of other animals including horses will be considered – please contact me for further information.

Do you hold indoor sessions?

Yes, Four Paws and a Tail Photos will hold sessions indoors, including at the human’s home.

Our preference is to hold as many sessions as possible (weather permitting) outdoors as this is a more favourable environment. It also allows us to get a wide range of images of your dog doing whatever comes naturally to them.

Note – I do not hold studio sessions.

What type of sessions does Four Paws and a Tail Photos offer?

Four Paws and a Tail Photos offer a number of sessions for dogs and their humans. These are detailed on the Session Prices page.

What format do the photo sessions take?

We will meet you at the venue we have agreed for the shoot.

Four Paws and a Tail Photos likes to spend a few minutes with the dog to become familiar with him/her/them. This can help the dog overcome the excitement of meeting a new person/dog. This helps to relax them and gives Four Paws and a Tail Photos an idea about how to proceed with the photo session. For example, if the dog has high energy levels then we will concentrate on action shots.

What is the best time of day to hold a photo session?

The best times of the day, particularly during the late-spring to early-autumn, are early in the morning and in the lead-up to sunset. At these times the light is at its best and it is generally a little cooler for the dogs.

For shoots at your home that will include working indoors Four Paws and a Tail Photos would prefer this to be during daylight hours. During daylight hours there will be parts of your home that will be exposed to natural light throughout the day. This helps produce better images.

Is there a best time of year to hold the session?

As we know, dogs think any time is a good time for a walk!

On a more serious note, spring to late-autumn is best time because of the longer days and the temperature is more conducive to being outside. Hot summer days can be problematic for dogs in their fur coats, so we will work with you to ensure outdoor sessions are not during the hottest part of the day.

Ultimately, living in Britain means the weather can never be predicted. If particularly extreme weather shows up on the day of the shoot, be it a heatwave, heavy rain, strong winds or snow, we will rearrange the session for another day.


What happens if the weather turns bad on the day of the shoot?

We are subject to changeable weather in Britain. If we waited for a ‘perfect’ day, we would probably never do any sessions! This means we are happy to hold sessions in most weather conditions.

However, heavy rain is not good for the dog(s), human, photographer and worse still, for the camera equipment. If heavy rain is forecast or turns up during a booked session Four Paws and a Tail Photos will arrange with the human to reschedule the session.

Snow is not a problem provided it has settled and the session is walkable from my home in Bedford.

Four Paws and a Tail Photos prefers warmer weather as we can wear shorts!

What locations do you offer sessions for?

Sessions within Bedford and the surrounding villages are not a problem. You can either suggest a location or Four Paws and a Tail Photos can advise as to where to go.

However, I charge 45 pence per mile for journeys more than 10 miles outside Bedford.

Example of cost:

Bedford to Central Milton Keynes = 19 miles each way or 38 miles return

Cost = 38 miles – 20 miles (for journey to and from location) = 18 miles at 45 pence per mile = total cost of £8.10

Travel costs will be added to your invoice.

The Dog - On the Day

Dog – should I let my human groom me before my session?

Dogs will be relieved to hear that Four Paws and a Tail Photos prefers photographing dogs in their natural environment.

However, grooming is entirely up to your human.

It may also depend on the location chosen for the session. For example, if you are going to be playing in a river, there isn’t much point in your human grooming you before your session. Phew!

Dog – should my human bring some of my toys to the session?

It depends on what your human would like to get out of the session. Remind your human that the session is supposed to be fun for you, so if you are used to going on your walk with toys (whether they are a ball, chuck-it or frisbee), bring them with you.

If you are used to chasing things, bringing your toys to the session will give you a fabulous opportunity to show off your acrobatics. Four Paws and a Tail will have a great time photographing your athleticism for all the humans to admire!

Dog – should my human bring my treats to the photo session?

If your human has trained you to respond to treats, make sure they bring them with you (don’t worry, I won’t ask to share).

To help convince your human to bring the treats, tell them treats can help focus a dog during a session, particularly during close-up portrait shots.

The Human - On the Day

What clothing is required for the session?

Dogs fear not, I will not photograph you wearing ‘human’ clothing as is this is not good for your welfare – not to mention park-cred!

Humans should wear whatever you would for a normal walk with your dog. Please bring poop-bags as you never know when they may be required.

Can I bring other family members to the session?

You can but preferably not more than one other person. Too many people can distract the dog(s) from the task of posing for the camera.

Can I bring our own camera or video-camera to the session?

We ask humans to not bring their own cameras with them to the shoot. To help you get the most out of your dog’s session, we would prefer you to work alongside Four Paws and a Tail Photos to encourage your dog to pose for our camera.

Post Photo Session

What products are available to purchase?

Four Paws and a Tail Photos know humans will love the images produced during their dog’s photo session. A large number of products are available to suit all needs and pockets. For more details, please visit our Product Prices page.

Can I (the human) purchase a CD of the images taken during the photo session?

Sorry, we don’t offer this service. However, Four Paws and a Tail Photos can arrange for some fantastic prints of the images taken during your session. There are a range of image sizes and products to suit all needs.

Copyright of alll images remain the property of Four Paws and a Tail Photos.

What happens next?

After your photo session, Four Paws and a Tail Photos will sort through all the shots taken to select the best images – we know dogs and humans alike will want to show the world their best side!

They are then uploaded to a Private Gallery  at Four Paws and a Tail Photos PhotoShelter . We will then forward an email to you containing a link to your gallery with a password to unlock it.

You can browse through the images and select which prints and products of their dog(s) you would like to own. Your order will be processed securely through PhotoShelter. Once you checkout the order will automatically be forwarded to Four Paws and a Tail Photos for processing.

All of the prints and products offered are meticulously produced by a professional photo lab. Images these should be with you within seven working days. Canvas, box frames or acrylics take a bit longer to produce (but they are worth the wait!), at 14 days’ delivery.

You will be kept updated about the progress of your order.

Four Paws and a Tail Photos will create a blog about each photoshoot and include a picture of your dog for the wider ‘dog-loving’ community to admire and enjoy. Please take a look at some examples. We value your privacy, so personal details of both dogs and humans are kept to a minimum on the blogs. If you’d like to discuss this aspect of the shoot in more detail, please get in touch via the contact form or email us on photos@fourpawsandatailphotos.org.