Dog Related

In Bedfordshire

Rescue and Rehoming Centres








ARAS Dog Rescue – Bedfordshire based dog rescue and rehoming centre. Non-profit organisation that operate a non-destruct policy.

Hula Animal Rescue – Animal rescue centre based in Aspley Guise.

Training Groups

Canine Partners – Training Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities.  Assisting people with disabilities to enjoy greater independence and a better quality of life, by providing specially trained assistance dogs.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association – A UK based charity training dogs to assist blind or partially sighted people.

Medical Detection Dogs – A UK based charity that trains dogs to help owners with complex medical conditions manage their life on a daily basis.

Dog & Animal Protection

Alfies Law FoundationA foundation that aims to raise awareness and Improve Legislation in an attempt to save the lives of vulnerable animals. So a government approved e -petition was raised to gain signatures in the hope that government would act and make amendments to legislation & sentencing for acts of animal cruelty & improve the welfare of animals.

Lennox Law – A petition to ultimately create new, humane law to replace the existing current Breed Specific Legislation.


Text from Dog – The texting dog.

Local Businesses

Essence Photographic – a Bedford based child-portrait photographer.

Headspace Perspective – a Bedford based Leadership Coach.

Dog Community Groups

Mypawson – A dedicated community for dog owners and their four legged friends. The only place to go for info about where to stay, eat and drink with your pooch.


Chris Parker – a Fine Art Photographer in Devon.