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  1. As Richard said, the abstract cards don’t seem to work properly. My favourite cat picture is 5488 (upside down); 5369 looks slightly annoyed and 3540 appears startled. I like all of the dog photos but Albert is a star. He has a very expressive face. Again, I agree with Richard that the captions aren’t quite right but realise that it’s still work-in-progress as far as you’re concerned. Not sure about the ‘Love’ cards either – 1794 looks like an downwards-pointing arrow to me and the others may be more appropriate for a tennis lover rather than as an expression of affection. Sorry about the negative comments but, having received one of your cards earlier this year, I think your animal cards are great!

    • Hi Nigel,

      Thank you for looking through the images and offering your opinion.

      5488 is selling crazily well as a stock image so I knew it was a good one to put forward.

      The tennis ball ones were a gamble – a niche market but again really good stock sellers.

      Albert is fab! A, probably going to go with 3 or 4 of the caption images, with corrections and edits.

      Thank you re: our existing cards! It is great to have such lovely feedback.

      Kindest Regards


  2. not sure the abstract work as cards but great backgrounds to other things websites calendars etc. Not sure about the tennis balls at all. Have seen something similar with sand on the beach which can work but its been done before. Think youd have to be a tennis fan to really buy a card like that.

    Cat cards all of them are great!

  3. Like 2375,2544,2637,7028,7060, Photo no 8527 is great but the caption is wrong, the font isnt quite right and current thinking is that sticks shouldnt be thrown for dogs as they can injure themselves retreving them. I would use a more nutural font (NOT comic sans) such as Ariel or Tahoma or even better Eurostile. Id change the wording to something like “Just throw it!” or “Come on – throw the toy/hoop/ball!” Really like the one under the gate, may need a sort of caption actually on the gate such as “Springer Greetings” or “Is it time for Walkies yet?”

    With 2489 the caption needs changing to something else and perhaps to make it clear that its Alberts Dad thats giving the treat make to caption relate only to Albert by putting it near to him, poss reducing the size of the font or even putting in a thought bubble. Again keep the font nutural.

    needless to say all great pictures.

    • Thank you for taking the time to look at the cards and for your thoughts Richard.

      The captions were for illustrative purposes – I knew they would need changing!

  4. Leigh likes:

    Square – 2207 (Dylan) & 7085 (Bruce with ball in mouth)

    Landscape – 2455 (Albert lying in field flicking ear – MIGHT BE GOOD FOR A CAPTION), 2544 (Tommy in field), 2637 (Bruce under gate) and 5488 (Fat cat upside down). Plus three captions – 2489, 8333 & 8475. She is not keen on the one that she appears in!

  5. Personally like them all but I still haven’t sold a square card other than upside down fat cat so much as I love Dylan and Albert square ones I personally wouldn’t stock them. I would stock 2524, 2544, 2637, 2489, 8333 and 8548 and maybe 7085. To stock 2489 I would want hudad changed to dad, we all use hudad on Twitter but it isn’t used by everybody and may limit the market. Otherwise I like 2455 but think Albys harness(?) spoils it and would limit your sales. Have to say for me personally the two no brainers are 2544 and 2637. I’m not sure how the captioned ones would be received here but would give the two I mentioned a go…

  6. Hi all,

    The above are my shortlisted images to get printed as Greetings Cards.

    I have included 4 sets of images – Cats, Dogs, Abstract and Love/Sports.

    In terms of printing I can order in quantities of 100, 250, 500 – with four images printed (so 25, 63 or 125 of each). If I order 1,000 images I can get 8 images printed (125 cards of each). The more I print the greater the overall cost/risk I’m taking.

    I’m looking to get 8 printed now – ideally 8 landscape style images. If 4 square images are selected I’m happy to go 4 and 4. I might stretch to 12 images because the caption ones work well.

    The love/sport images I think can wait for printing until late December or early January. Then they will pick up on valentines for sports lovers and the start of the tennis season.

    The abstract images are water reflections and flowers blurred deliberately.

    My favourites:

    Square – 2207 (Dylan), 2252 (Albert), 7085 (Bruce ball in mouth) and 3540 (Black cat). Just looked there are only 4 square ones

    Landscape – 2489, 8333, 8475 & 8527 (the captioned images – which all feature our Joker Albert) and 2544 (Tommy in field), 2637 (Bruce under gate), 5488 (Fat cat) and 7060 (Bruce with all the tennis balls as a re-order).

    I am happy to change the text on any of the captioned images. I know ‘damned’ needs to be changed and we will use a better font/colours.

    If you would be so kind to have a look and give me your thoughts below I’d be very grateful.


    • I think the one under the gate has the curiosity factor and may be a good seller. Agree with the tennis balls as a re-order (of course I would) Albert with the stick is good! I think the ones with props are the most sellable!

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