Print Information

Four Paws and a Tail Photos has created a guide to help you understand your options when buying prints from us.

Prints and Products

All prints are ordered from professional photographic laboratories enabling Four Paws and a Tail Photos to bring you the best products to showcase your dog(s)’ images.

Print Information

All prints sized 12 x 8 and bigger will have a half inch white-border around them. The border provides space for Four Paws and a Tail Photos’ details and Copyright. It also means the print will be ready for mounting and framing without losing any of your precious image.

Print Sizes

The sizing shown on the price guides is in the landscape format e.g. 6 x 4 means 6 inches along the top/bottom and 4 inches in height. If your chosen print(s) are in the portrait format e.g. 4 x 6, they will come under the same pricing bracket as that of the 6 x 4.

Paper Type – Gloss, Lustre or Metallic Paper?

Glossy paper provides the widest colour range and best image resolution. This is the ideal choice for smaller images (up to 12 x 8), such as those to be kept in photo-albums. As glossy paper reflects more light it is not the best choice if you intend to display your images on the wall.

Lustre paper offers a range of brilliant colour. As it reduces most light glare, it is a good choice for images you would like to display on a wall. In Four Paws and a Tail Photos’ opinion this is the best option for larger prints – 15 x 10 and upwards. Lustre paper is also ideal for black and white images.

Metallic paper produces an iridescent sheen or metallic quality that can create a 3-D type of look. This creates extreme sharpness, brightness, and colour saturation with an intense black density that increases its appeal. Metallic works best where the image has a lot of bright colour(s). It can also produce striking results with black and white images.